• Purchased from: ImagiKnit in 2013 for this sweater
  • Brand: Lang Yarns
  • Yarn: Merino superwash wool// blue
  • Knit gauge: 20 stitches per 4 inches // DK weight


December 27, 2014

I knit up Better Sweater No. 6 (two shawls!) over the last few months and completed them by December 25 as a special Christmas gift for my mother. She was kind enough to take some photos with me at the UC Santa Cruz Arboretum yesterday and was the perfect model. My father and brother kept us laughing all through the "shoot" while E snapped our pictures.

The yarn for this project was actually purchased in a real life local yarn shop (!!!) in 2013, but the original sweater I knit up--Caramel Cardigan--didn't quite do it for me. The Better Sweater Project gave me the courage to frog the cardi and try something new. While this yarn would have knit up one heck of a gorgeous sweater (that blue merino goodness!) my heart was set on the beautiful Palmyre and, seeing that I had a DK yarn on my hands, I thought I'd try out a shawl instead.

I began Palmyre back in October and after completing it realized that I would have enough yarn leftover to knit up something else. My mom has been wanting a hand knit lace shawl for ages (I actually started knitting her one years ago and still haven't completed it...I'm so sorry, Mutti!) and the Woodland Shawl was a good candidate...well, kinda. Actually, the weight was all wrong (the pattern calls for lace weight) but I thought why not cast on fewer stitches and maybe this thing will knit up quickly and still look rockin'. Luckily, it did! I cast on 53 instead of 89 stitches and used a size 6 needle. Once blocked, the width came out to about 11 inches when measured at the widest part of the “leaf.” It’s really the perfect size.

For more info on these shawls visit my Ravelry pages: Woodland Shawl and Palmyre. Images of the original sweater below: