These Days No. 4


We put up some frosted film on the lower portion of our living room windows a couple weeks ago. I'm a wee bit surprised by how much I like it! Our windows look directly down into our neighbor's yard and adding the film brings privacy to our space and to theirs. Win-win!

Prior to the film we had white sheets covering the windows (yeah...). The space has a completely different look and feel now (much more grownup not to mention much more light). 

...Still haven't cleaned the outside of the windows after replacing some of the smaller panes. That last photo brings on the shame!


Chasing Light


After such a marvelous and warm long-weekend it's been hard to handle the gloomy weather of the past few days. Luckily the forecast shows plenty of sun in the near future! (California, I love thee...)

These "Chasing Light" photos are a few weeks old and hail from warmer/sunnier days. Our apartment is full of white walls and big windows (we are beyond blessed) and the evening light in the South-facing rooms is simply magical. Sometimes I'll be hanging out in the kitchen (the darkest room in our house) and glimpse a triangle of light in our bedroom through the open door. Out comes the camera and a chase to document all the little angles of light popping up throughout the house. 


These Days No. 3


The last few years I've kept my DSLR hidden away in inconvenient to reach places (dresser drawers and the bottom of yarn baskets), not because I didn't want to have access to it but because I so rarely used it. Since taking the camera out of its case and putting it on the shelf in the living room, it comes as no surprise that suddenly I'm taking pictures all the time! 

Today's images are from the last week or so. Colorful books and teapot, a dining table still life, my two batches of sourdough starter and their crusty containers. (Clearly I need to transfer them to clean jars!)

Here's to documenting more day to day activities and scenes!


These Days No. 2


1. "In process" frogging shot for Better Sweater No. 5 // 2. Harvested yarn. Such a lovely shade of blue! // 3. New pillows for our new living room! The back one is linen and the front one is a lovely cotton from Japan.

Today I finally cast on Carrie Bostick Hoge's Sibella Pullover (aka Better Sweater No. 5)! The journey leading up to this project has been long indeed. All the moving this summer really threw off my game and knitting, or rather time for knitting, became a luxury around here. I'm happy to report that after what feels like many months we are nearly 100% moved in (our kitchen renovation is basically complete and our living room is now livable - who knew painted floors took so long to cure?) and I can return to my regularly scheduled knitting program.

In celebration of our new living space, I sewed up a couple pillow covers with material that I've had stashed since before the summer. The mountain fabric I purchased from the amazing institution that is Stonemountain & Daughter in Berkeley. Such a fabulous shop!

Last thing: The Better Sweater Project was mentioned on the Craft Sessions blog, one of my absolute favorite sites! Thanks, Felicia! Visit the post for links to some of her very helpful yarn recycling tutorials.


These Days No. 1


1. Nachos are the greatest, especially with fresh homemade pico de gallo and guacamole. I love California! // 2. Recently harvested yarn for Better Sweater No. 5. // 3. My knitting basket on my new rug. Yay pink!

And below is the song I've been listening to on repeat all week. Sylvan Esso, you da best.