Woolful Podcast


I am sooooo super excited for this new podcast series from knitter Ashley of the fabulous Woolful blog. Episode 1 premiered today and while I haven't had the time to sit down and listen, I am really looking forward to doing so over the Turkey Day holiday.

Here's a brief description from Ashley's blog:

My hope is to bring something new to the fiber community that will inspire makers, dreamers and wool lovers alike. This podcast is unlike any other, focusing on the fiber industry as a whole, from sheep to sweater, including guests from every facet of the craft and industry. Knitters, dyers, fiber processors, shepherds, designers, spinners, proprietors and so many more.

Think of this podcast as a fireside chat. A casual conversation between friends that share similar passions. Each episode includes a special guest, fiber events spotlight, artisan giveaways and sponsors, trivia, and “man on the street” style Q & A. The goal here, is to provide an intimate look into this world we love so much and keep it simple. No long intros. No busy talk. Just get to the good stuff.

Sounds amazing, right? Way to go, Ashley! Looking forward!