The Sweaters of Twin Peaks


Last year my housemates and I started watching David Lynch's cult-classic tv show Twin Peaks. Sadly, because of our conflicting schedules, we only made it to the beginning of Season 2 as a group. Womp womp.

Now, months later, Eric and I have been thinking about starting up again. My main reservation is that the show is too scary and that Daylight Savings time will force us to watch it when it's dark out. A Kylin fact: I am very easily frightened! Generally, I cover my eyes when watching anything I deem even remotely spooky. This means I've seen like 65% of Twin Peaks. I was so freaked out by the idea of Bob that I didn't actually uncover my eyes to watch him until he'd been featured in several episodes.

But today while checking out the Temple of Knit blog, I clicked on a link Simone posted to A Ranking of All 118 Sweaters Seen on Twin Peaks from The Cut. I think this promise of knitspiration might be the motivator I needed to finish the show!

Some of my favorites below.