Wedding Shawl


I'm getting married this summer and recently found the perfect wedding shawl pattern: In the Garden by Ilga Leja! The weekend before last I spent time in Southern California and while I was down there I visited the cutest little yarn shop in Pasadena. The staff were so patient with me while I compared all the white fingering-weight yarns and even let me take my favorites outside to see how they looked in natural light. And lo and behold, I found the perfect yarn: Lerke ("Lerke" means "lark" in Norwegian), a fingering-weight 2-ply from Dale Garn of Norway. It's 52% fine merino wool, 48% Egyptian cotton and super duper soft. So excited to begin this project! See images below for my fit inspiration.




Another day, another project! What a lovely pattern! Quick and oh so fun to knit up. I'll definitely be turning to it again come the December holidays.

Technically I have this bad boy listed as Project No. 6, but since I started/completed the shawl before picking up Project No. 5, it doesn't really feel like it. Oh well! May it be motivation to bang out Sibella!

A few comments on this yarn: First, what an incredible color. I wore the shawl at a retreat this weekend and received several compliments on this gorgeous shade of blue (and the lace edging). Depending on the light it has hints of purple and green. Lots of depth and richness to this color! Also, what fun to knit with 100% merino, something I haven't had the chance to do with a Better Sweater Project yet. Of course, I frogged one of my legit bought-the-yarn-in-a-yarn-shop sweaters so it feels a little like cheating. This experience will hopefully push me to search for better quality thrift store sweaters to frog in future.

I'll take more photos with my legit camera (after I finish blocking) in the next couple weeks to post to the projects page. Also, I have yarn to spare from this project so I think I'll knit an additional something something for No. 6!