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2015 TBSP Year in Review & Plans for 2016


Happy first day of 2016 and happy two-year anniversary to TBSP! To welcome this new year of knitting, I thought I'd share a little review of last year's (whoa!) projects and my knitting plans for 2016. 

2015 was a slow but steady year for TBSP. It saw the knitting of Better Sweater No. 7 and No. 8 (plus Epistrophy)! While that's quite a few fewer than last year, I really enjoyed the process of knitting my 2015 jumpers. Cabling and meticulously following charts were central themes in both Moroccan Nights and Ondawa, and I am now pretty darn good at both. I'm also super great at unraveling small sections to fix twist direction! Huzzah!

Top photos: 1. Moroccan Nights // 2. Ondawa

I currently have two sweaters in my queue for 2016. On the left: Backbay by Jared Flood. This Aran-style pullover was also in my 2015 queue and is at the top of my knit list. On the right: White Pine by Amy Christoffers (Savory Knitting). I absolutely love the fit of Christoffers' patterns (Campus and Acer are two of my favorite Better Sweaters) and White Pine looks like a fun project to sink my teeth into. Yay for more cables!

1. Backbay by Jared Flood // 2. White Pine by Amy Christoffers

Looking forward to knitting the Better Sweaters of 2016, once again transforming meh into yeah!


Better Sweater No. 7


Better Sweater No. 7 is complete! As I mentioned recently, I loved knitting this sweater. Garter stitch, stockinette, cables--gah!--I'd knit it all over again!

For the first time ever I took detailed notes on the process and included them on both the project page and on Ravelry. The biggest mods I made had to do with needle size and decreases since I'm quite small. I also added a line of crochet on the right side of the neckline just below the cast on edge. This kept the edge from rolling too deeply in the back (all that stockinette stitch!). It looks like it's rolling a bit in the picture below but that's just because my shoulders were back. It normally lies completely flat.

In other news: I'm going to be taking a wee break from better sweatering in the to knit up Kate Davies' Epistrophy with legit yarn. We'll see if the project monogamy lasts. If I get too restless I'll start harvesting yarn for Better Sweater No. 8. I already have the sweater picked out and it's lace weight! Exciting!


Moroccan Nights: In Progress


As of this posting I'm nearly done with my Moroccan Nights sweater! Still to do: knit half a sleeve, rework the ribbing at the bottom of the body, and knit an applied i-chord around the neckline. Sounds like a lot but I think I can get 'er done this week.

I am having so much fun knitting this sweater! The pattern is excellent and the combinations of stockinette, garter, cables, and double moss are keeping me glued to my work. There's no getting bored with this baby! 

Still, as per usual, there are a couple things I'm wishing I'd done differently at the outset:

  1. Use a smaller needle. I did knit up a swatch for this project and I achieved the correct gauge (size 6 needles with about 1 inch positive ease on an XS). But after doing the sleeves with a size 4 needle so that they'd fit more closely to my arm, I'm kind of wishing that I'd done the whole body with a size 5. That said, I'm a fan of the roomy pull-over (a la James). It all looks a-okay when I try it on (the finished look is supposed to be drapey), but I can't help thinking "what if?" Luckily the thought isn't strong enough to make me frog the body and start over again!
  2. Get creative with the body shaping. I took the liberty of decreasing at my own pace on the sleeves (with great success) and I wish I'd done the same with the body. The part that comes out of the side cables is a little too loose (you can see it below where the stockinette and d-moss meet) and it's bugging me. Actually, on further inspection I should be able to fix this in the blocking phase. The cables/stockinette along the sides pull in the fabric so that it poofs out when the cables end. I'll just block the heck out of the sides and hope for the best!

All in all, this is a fantastic project and I know it will get a lot of wear! For pictures of the original sweater click here.