kate davies

Let It Be Known


A few missing buttons notwithstanding I'm ready to say... my Epistrophy cardigan is complete! Hurray!

And just in time for our San Francisco summer (think cold gloomy weather)! I've been wearing this cardi nonstop since it came off the blocking board. Thank you, Kate Davies, for an incredible pattern! And thanks to Mary for the yarn! All my project notes (of which there are many) and a few extra photos can be found on my Ravelry page.


Epistrophy in Progress


I am so close to completing Epistrophy! I only have a wee bit of the sleeve left to knit, some blocking, and the button band ribbon to add. Hooray! I finally settled on this adorable tape to cover the steek edges and it should arrive in the next couple weeks (all the way from South Korea!). 

I'll post more pictures and some thoughts on the knitting process when the cardi's 100% complete. Don't be surprised if it's a month from now... that's just how this sweater and I roll. Slowwwww mooootion. My monthly knitting average has gone wayyyy down. Get it together, Kylin!


Never Mind!


So you know how I just wrote that post about designing my own colorwork sweater? Well, I was sketching and swatching and looking up more patterns for inspiration, &c....when I stumbled upon the colorwork sweater of my dreams:  

Epistrophy by Kate Davies! It is everything I wished for and more! Plus, the yarn weight matches my Rowan and I have just enough skeins! I couldn't be more pleased.

Epistrophy is actually 1 of 11 patterns in the digital book Yokes by Kate that was published late last year. While I usually buy individual patterns when possible, I'm actually glad that in this instance I was forced to purchase the whole book (as you can guess, patterns from Yokes are not sold separately). The first 43 pages contain essays on the history of yoke design, and are replete with interviews and photographs.

In this exciting new book, writer and designer Kate Davies unravels the tale of one of the Twentieth Century’s most distinctive sweater styles - the circular yoke. From Shetland and Iceland to Canada and Sweden, Kate’s essays and conversations take you on a journey around the North Atlantic, exploring the yoke’s intriguing and often surprising regional narratives.
A garment with unexpected national and political resonances; an important marker of personal and cultural identity; a fashionable barometer of trends and technical transformations from the 1920s to today, yokes have connected the lives and livelihoods of many different women.

Fascinating! I can't wait to read more!

This will be my first foray into Kate Davies' designs and I just have this feeling that we'll get along well!  My plan is to learn all I can about colorwork and elegant pattern design at Kate's virtual feet, and hopefully at a later date this year I'll tackle a colorwork sweater design of my own! Huzzah!