I don't sew like I knit. I take forever and am very product oriented. For these reasons and more I don't tackle sewing projects as I often as I do knitting ones (where I truly enjoy the process and the product). But that hasn't stopped me from amassing an ever-growing number of sewing patterns and books from these pants to this top (I actually did sew the latter and wear it all the time).

Recently, my schedule has made it all but impossible to pick up a new sewing project. I can dedicate a few hours here and there to creative endeavors but it's not easy. Plus, I like instant gratification. When I sew, I pretty much go all day (and night) until the piece is done or almost done. I want that dress and I want it now! For some reason I am more patient with my knitting. Even if I only knit up a few rows, I feel like I've made progress.

So this afternoon I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon this post from the Coletterie regarding their new project Seamwork.

Each issue of Seamwork comes with two digital patterns that you can sew in three hours or less, making them easy to fit between your more involved sewing projects. Patterns include truly useful wardrobe items like knitwear, accessories, lingerie, loungewear, bags, and beautiful basics you can dress up. All can be sewn in 3 hours or less.

That is exactly what I'm looking for. Three hours or less!? Count me in! They've also started a drawing for a one-year subscription (i.e. 24 digital patterns fo' free!). Even if I don't win, I'm pretty sure I'm going to subscribe. Eye-candy + patterns that I can legit put into my creative rotation = let's do this.

Some Kylin-in-process sewing pics below: