In Search of a Drapey Cardigan


I did something a few months ago that I feel a little guilty about. I bought a sweater. Not yarn for a sweater. A sweater. A drapey, soft, cozy sweater from Madewell. And I love it. I want to buy it in every shade. 


But I won't! Because now that graduate school is over and I've officially launched my career, I do have more time for knitting and I would really like to make the drapey, soft, cozy sweater of my dreams. 

I've been scouring through Ravelry for weeks. And while I haven't found the perfect pattern, I have located a few contenders.

Clockwise from left:

1. BlueSand Cardigan by La Maison Rililie; 2. Liv by Carrie Bostick Hoge; 3. Pente by Carol Feller; 4. Palmer by Michele Wang

Ultimately, am looking for something that lives in the very middle of these. I love the textured quality of BlueSand, the simplicity and flow of Liv, the draping of Pente, and the construction of Palmer. 

Since I started the Better Sweater Project, I have rarely strayed from following a selected pattern to a T. Sure, I've modified and tweaked here and there for fit, but that's about it. Maybe it's time for some off-chart adventure!?  


Let It Be Known


A few missing buttons notwithstanding I'm ready to say... my Epistrophy cardigan is complete! Hurray!

And just in time for our San Francisco summer (think cold gloomy weather)! I've been wearing this cardi nonstop since it came off the blocking board. Thank you, Kate Davies, for an incredible pattern! And thanks to Mary for the yarn! All my project notes (of which there are many) and a few extra photos can be found on my Ravelry page.


Tape & Trim


Project monogamy is a difficult task for this knitter. I've been working on Epistrophy for months now (right?) and despite some obvious progress I still feel so far away from the end goal. To inspire me to keep on keeping on--I'm on the sleeves right now and I firmly dislike knitting sleeves--I'm looking ahead to the finished piece and the super necessary button band tape selection. Kate Davies has some great suggestions for places to find and buy tape on her site and I've assembled an Etsy list of my own below. Not quite sure what I'll be picking for Epistrophy. The cardigan is pink and purple...yikes! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Project Dilemmas: When the Yarn Runs Out


1. Madewell Journal Cardigan / 2. J.Crew Cashmere École / 3. J.Crew Collection Cashmere

Major project dilemmas, I should say! Turns out, I don't have enough yarn to complete the pattern I selected for Project No. 5. (This is what happens when you forget to measure your harvest. Let it be a lesson for us all!) But because I was on vacation with nothing else in my knitting basket, I decided to start anyway and then frog it later. The things I do to keep my hands busy!

Well, now that I've started I don't really want to stop! Even though I'm fully aware that I don't have enough of this color/ type of yarn to complete the project, I just don't know how to quit it. What do I do?

Here's what I'm thinking: color-block. This will be slightly more complicated than usual because not only do I need to find a complimentary color, I also need to locate a weight and texture that is similar to what I'm using now. This sweater could take some time to finish, folks!

(GIF Source Brokeback)


In Progress: Blue Acer Cardigan

Acer in Progress | The Better Sweater Project
Acer in Progress | The Better Sweater Project

My Acer Cardigan (pattern by Amy Christoffers) is taking shape! At my current rate, I very well could have 11 or 12 better sweaters completed by the end of the year. Madness!

This pattern has been a lot of far. I'm a little worried about picking up and knitting the neck and button bands. But I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

As far as the recycled yarn goes, it's actually really lovely. At first I was a little nervous because of the crazy slub (meaning the yarn has thick and thin pieces). I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that it actually knits up relatively smoothly. The cables have some variation in size, but fortunately it's not very noticeable. (My tension is practically perfect (wink wink no srsly guys) so I blame this on the yarn.)

More images--and the finished project--to come soon!