Ondawa Update


Hello! It's been awhile! Things have been a wee bit crazy over here. I started graduate school in August and since then have picked up my needles only a handful of times (...twice). This summer I had high hopes of completing Ondawa by the end of the year, but between classes and readings and papers, well, I'm just not sure if I have the time!

Still, as one who is highly optimistic, a good 80% of me thinks I can get 'er done. I am very close to finishing the front panel. Then it's just the back panel and two sleeves to go! Totally doable right (heh heh)? My current plan is to bring the project down to my parents for Turkey-Day and go hard on it then. And again during winter break. I think completing it before the new year is semi-possible if I really put my mind--and hands--to it! I'd love for this to be at least a two better sweater year (four less than 2014 but hey)! Wish me strength and focus, friends!