Project Dilemmas: When the Yarn Runs Out


1. Madewell Journal Cardigan / 2. J.Crew Cashmere École / 3. J.Crew Collection Cashmere

Major project dilemmas, I should say! Turns out, I don't have enough yarn to complete the pattern I selected for Project No. 5. (This is what happens when you forget to measure your harvest. Let it be a lesson for us all!) But because I was on vacation with nothing else in my knitting basket, I decided to start anyway and then frog it later. The things I do to keep my hands busy!

Well, now that I've started I don't really want to stop! Even though I'm fully aware that I don't have enough of this color/ type of yarn to complete the project, I just don't know how to quit it. What do I do?

Here's what I'm thinking: color-block. This will be slightly more complicated than usual because not only do I need to find a complimentary color, I also need to locate a weight and texture that is similar to what I'm using now. This sweater could take some time to finish, folks!

(GIF Source Brokeback)