Other Projects


I have to admit: real yarn, like bought at a store made from gorgeous fiber yarn, has become less appealing as I march forward with the Better Sweater Project. While my wallet lets out a sigh of relief, my other knitting projects that aren't better sweaters are crying out for attention. One such project is my Woodland Shawl by Nicole Lohr. Last week for World Wide Knit in Public Day I asked my partner Eric to snap a few pictures of me, well, knitting in public. (And wearing my Better Sweater No. 3!) Since I was between better sweaters, my Woodland Shawl got a healthy dose of loving (at least 10 rows!) and I remembered how good it feels to knit with quality product! Don't get me wrong, I love my recycled yarn! Still, nothing quite compares to a cake of Malabrigo lace. Especially Malabrigo lace in Frank Ochre.

(That last one is a windy outtake that I kind of love!)