Olsen Sweater by Karen Templer


Growing up, the turtleneck was my least favorite item of clothing. In an effort to prevent my brother and me from catching colds, my dear Dad pushed us to wear them whenever the temperature dropped below 65 (to this day my Dad still abides by this rule for himself). For my pre-school graduation I wore a paisley turtleneck underneath my favorite frilly dress, not because I wanted to but because the padres thought the venue was too cold to wear the fancy dress on its own. I was only 4 and I still carry that memory. I cried a lot that day! Poor baby Kylin.

It wasn't just that I found the collar-like neckline of the turtleneck restrictive, I also thought the design was generally unflattering. All the cute LL Bean kids prints in the world couldn't incite me to want to wear one. I told myself that as soon as I grew up I would never wear a turtleneck again! 

Fast forward 15 years and I'm now pretty down with turtlenecks. They're classic, protective, and only occasionally restrictive. (Younger Kylin was also anti nose-piercings, armpit hair on girls, and compost...would probably strongly dislike older Kylin.) Audrey, Jackie O, and Marilyn knew what was up:

This week I stumbled upon Karen Templer's Olsen Sweater and became instantly obsessed. A note on her Ravelry project page mentions that she's:

"Been calling this my Olsen Sweater because in addition to being a tribute to a couple of beloved sweaters from my past, it was partially inspired by recent one from the Olsen Twins’ second line, Elizabeth and James."

The pattern has yet to be released (fingers crossed it comes out soon). In preparation I'm going to begin the hunt for some bulky yarn (i.e. head on down to the Goodwill). What a perfect winter staple, especially in the Bay Area where it's cold but not that cold. 

Anyway, to bring this whole post back around, I'm thinking of investing in this LL Bean top as a sign of my own maturity and growth. And also because it's damn cute. 

Images: 1. Karen Templer's Olsen Sweater on Ravelry // 2. Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face // 3. Classic Jackie O. // 4. Marilyn looking fiiine // Karen Templer in her Olsen Sweater.