The Not Much Better Sweater


Well, Better Sweater No. 5 is done but I'm not much pleased. Some projects just aren't meant to be. The facts were these: the yarn weight was hard to determine, the pattern was tough to find, and the project took forever to complete. Recognizing and accepting the facts, however, is hard. I should have broken up with this project a long time ago (like maybe when the yarn ran out)! I certainly didn't enjoy the process of knitting this sweater as much as I do normally.

Anyway, I finished what was going to be sweater No. 5 in my series yesterday. Sadly you won't find it on the home page...because I'm an anal perfectionist (redundant yet true) who isn't really satisfied with the finished look. I wish it was shorter, that the bottom edging was black (a statement that could only be made in hindsight), that the two yarn fibers were the same, and that the yarn used for the body was just better period (not so pilly, rough, and acyrlic-y).

Moral of the story: it's not always bad to cut your losses early and move on. Lesson hopefully learned!


  • Purchased from: Crossroads
  • Brand: MNG Suit // made in China
  • Yarn: 50% acrylic & 50% wool // cream beige
  • Knit gauge: 21 stitches per 4 inches // worsted weight
  • Purchased from: Old Navy
  • Brand: Old Navy // made in China
  • Yarn: 60% cotton & 40% acrylic // black
  • Knit gauge: 20 stitches per 4 inches // worsted weight


  • Pattern used: Uniform by Carrie Bostick Hoge

Here's the sweater in all its imperfect glory:

And here are the before pics:

I'm so excited to move on to some better knitting! New Better Sweater No. 5, here I come!