Dickey with a Modern Twist


We've been watching a lot of Big Bang Theory recently, which is where I learned about the dickey (see Howard Wolowitz), one of the stranger accessories out there. Then, the other day, I saw: 

Not only does Amanda Brooks have the best travel style, but she is also wearing the coolest knit dickey from Celine! And now I want one!

Well, sorta. I can't imagine wearing a dickey unless the back was as long as the front, and even then those flaps... At that point, why not just make a vest? 

Still, knitting a dickey is pretty darn easy. Says raynathompson on Ravelry:

Find a basic turtleneck pattern in the size you want. Cast on the same number of stitches as the armhole width. That’s the amount of stitches after decreases for the full sweater width and before the neckline shaping. Don’t overthink it! Knit the front and back as straight pieces for the length you want (knit a wide edging so the stockinette doesn’t roll), then follow the pattern directions for the neckline and collar. That’s it! Choose any pattern in the correct size to get you started.

After a wee search, I found three patterns whose separate components, when combined, would make the perfect little Celine inspired dickey or vest. Similar cabling pattern meets vest pattern meets turtleneck. Wahoo! Could this be a future better sweater? MAYBE! Will I get a chance to actually knit this semester? Man, I hope so! And wouldn't this be perfect for a California summer?

1. Wicklow by Norah Gaughan (image by Orangewall), 2. Dalea by Berroco Design Team, 3. Pendleton by Wendy Baker and Belinda Boaden