Knitting on the Go


Every summer my family rents a small rustic cabin in Zephyr Cove, Lake Tahoe, where we kick-back and relax as a fambam of six. This past week was spent kayaking and swimming in the lake, reading this book, playing lots and lots of Bohnanza, and knitting Better Sweater No. 5.

As you know, I love knitting. Nothing beats getting cozy on the couch with a cup of tea, a good tv show, and whatever fiber project I'm currently working on. But you might be surprised to hear that I also like to knit on the go (which is, like, the complete opposite of my normal knitting routine).

For some reason I am better able to focus when my hands are busy. One can often find me knitting during a conference call or while riding the bus. Even knitting on the bus while on a conference call. Whoa! And then there's knitting while traveling. Looking out the window of a train or sitting on a park bench admiring a gorgeous vista, your needles quietly clicking, generating something that will be instilled with whatever energy you are gazing upon. It's pretty cool. And, counterintuitively perhaps to non-knitters, super relaxing. I couldn't feel less busy and more at peace when I'm knitting [on the go]. What they say about this craft is so true: it's good for your health!