Knitting Injuries


Nothing says nerd like a knitting injury. And boy oh boy, what a nerdy week I've had!

Maybe it was my marathon knitting or working with tiny needles, but all of a sudden my right hand went into spasm and gave up functioning on Sunday. Not only was knitting out of the question, but really doing anything with my right hand. Typing, opening jars, writing, you name it.

Although I have sustained strains in my hands and wrists from knitting before, it's been awhile and I had hoped that my days of injury were behind me. I guess not. It's taken several days of icing, arnica applying, and hand brace wearing to bring things back to normal.

While I have by no means perfected preventative or healing measures--this injury is surely proof of that--I have done some research and have a few suggestions and resources to share.


  1. Hand stretches! Every day! Knit Freedom has a great post on fascia stretches which help give your muscles room to move! I love love love these!
  2. Take breaks!
  3. Apply arnica on sore muscles and rub your hands before and after you knit. But don't push to hard! (I've made that mistake--I'm a huge fan of deep tissue massage--and accidentally made things worse.)


  1. Ice the injury!
  2. Stretch those hands. Follow Prevention Step 1.
  3. Rub it out. Gently. Follow Prevention Step 2.
  4. Don't use it! Do not under any circumstances knit! You will only make things worse. Give it a few days.
  5. Brace it. This isn't necessary but wearing something on the injury, like a hand brace or compression glove, helped me remember not to use my hand.


  1. Crowd-sourced tips for preventing knitting pain at All Free Knitting.
  2. Tips for marathon knitters at 3 Sleeves to the Wind.
  3. Ergonomics for knitters at Knitting Daily.

Do you have any tips or tricks for preventing strains from knitting or handcrafts? And once the strain is there, how do you support healing?