Jerome Sevilla | Gridjunky


This morning I listened to episode 2 of the Woolful Podcast. First of all, what a fabulous addition to the podcast-sphere! Woolful is engaging, warm, and inspiring. The last few days have been rainy and I've listened to episodes 1 and 2 while putzing around the house drinking tea. The best. I highly recommend it (the podcast and putzing/tea drinking). In this particular episode, Ashley interviewed Jerome Sevilla of the blog/shop Gridjunky. Jerome takes fibre recycling to the next level, deconstructing garments and knitted items to produce the most beautiful projects. From knitting to Sashiko to weaving, Jerome does it all and with exceptional detail and skill. I am so happy that Woolful has turned me on to his work! What fabulous inspiration for recyclers everywhere. Jerome is also an incredible documentarian of his craft. I'm posting some photos below from his Tumblr and will add his name to the Resources page on TBSP. Along with many other things, he posts great examples of how to frog knitted items! Woohoo! For more great images, check out Jerome's Instagram feed. And for more on his process and tools, visit his Our Tools, Ourselves post on Fringe Association. Jerome, you rock!