Instagram Inspiration


Like many craft-loving individuals, Instagram is my social media of choice. So many people to follow! So much to inspire! Still, there are certain profiles that I return to again and again. I am always excited when I search for these folks and find several new photos that I hadn't seen before (it's the little things, eh?). So here are my favorite Instagrammers from the last while, sorted by the categories of Crafts, Family & Home, and (Life)Style, with notes on why I like them. Maybe you'll find someone new who will inspire you!


Clockwise from left:

1. @thecraftsessions - Felicia Semple is a crafty genius and her Instagram profile inspires me every time I look at it. Whether she's sewing, knitting, or quilting, her pictures always make we want to run over to my craft corner and start making something (likely whatever she's crafting that day). If you don't already follow her blog, you should check it out. It's a great one to have in the maker-journal rotation. 

2. @karentempler - Another great craft blogger! Karen Templer is the owner and proprietor of Fringe Supply Co., my favorite knitting-related shop on the interwebs, and her personal Instagram is just lovely. Like Felicia's profile, I am often inspired to get crafty by Karen's posts. So watch out!

3. @wikstenmade - Jenny Gordy is an incredible pattern maker and the woman behind Wiksten, an online clothing and pattern shop. Her children's patterns are especially precious and I look forward to one day making little harem pants and smocks for my kiddos (if I have any energy at all...that parenting thing looks kinda tough). 

4. @folkfibers - When am I going to make a quilt? Who the heck knows! In the meantime, I'll just salivate over Maura Grace's Instagram which is full to bursting with images of the beautiful quilts she is working on.

My other favorite craft-related Instagrammers include @blockshoptextiles and Blockshop's two super cool owners, @lilystockman and @hopiestockman.

Family & Home

Clockwise from left:

1. @courtneyadamo - Courtney Adamo, her husband, and their four children are spending a year traveling abroad and her Instagram is full to bursting with posts of their travel and homeschooling adventures. I am living vicariously through her photos and growing so excited for my own trip to New Zealand later this year, a place they visited a few months ago. Also, Courtney's family wins the "best-dressed family on Instagram" award, hands down. So much linen!

2. @barnaclebags - Lissa Snapp lives on Lopez Island with her husband and young son, and every time I see her profile I feel a strong urge to move north! Lissa's cabin home, built by her husband, has lots of Waldorf-inspired elements as evidenced in this photo (I think I spy some Lyra pencils!). She also makes beautiful bags!  

3. @practisingsimplicity - I've been following Jodi's blog Practicing Simplicity for ages and love her photography. Her Instagram profile is filled with beautiful photos of her simple and functional home decor and of her three adorable and, like Courtney Adamo's brood, very well-dressed children. Definitely check out her blog if you want to read more about purposeful simple living (and see more photos!). 

4. @junelettersstudio - I first started following Jess's Instagram because our moms are close friends and her graphic design posts were always awesome. Years have passed and now she has a young baby boy and a very cool loft in Oakland. I enjoy her pictures as well as her refreshingly reflective captions. Instagram doesn't often feel very real or down-to-earth, but Jess' profile does. 


Clockwise from left:

1. @clarevivier - Clare Vivier is the eponymous designer of an increasingly popular purse and accessories brand, and is definitely one of my fashion idols. (And yes, I looked up the "precise use" of eponymous to write that last sentence.) Her style appears effortless, classic, and simple. Bonus, to me anyway, she's also Martha Stewart-approved (Vivier's Echo Park home is in the June issue of MSL, which I've been reading [i.e. looking at pictures] religiously since my youth). I own three of her bags thanks to eBay's generously reduced used prices but, if I'm ever financially solvent enough to purchase an item in her shop, well, I think I will. 

2. @witblog - Laura Fantacci is an Italian stylist living in London and probably the chicest person I follow on Instagram. To me, her style is one part Jenna Lyons (J.Crew) and two parts some fashion house I don't know and can't afford. Still, I find the looks she puts together very accessible (i.e. I could find similar shapes and materials in my own closet) and am often inspired by her Instagram. 

3. @taza - While Taza's Instagram (Naomi Davis) would probably fit better in the Family & Home category, I first started reading her blog before she had children and was immediately attracted to her sense of style. Color! Patterns! Shiny things! Three kids later (the cutest kids), she still looks effortlessly chic! Definitely one of my favorite bloggers

4. @beatricevalenzuela - A shoe designer by trade, Beatrice Valenzuela's general style (clothing, accessories, home) is very "current bohemian," which sounds like a thing but may or may not be. Like Clare Vivier, she is another one of the hip Echo Park set, which also includes @heatherbethtay@simoneleblanc@jleighwms@jessekamm, and @jeanasohn (whose Closet Visit photoblog got me started on all these ladies in the first place), among others. If you're looking for even more Instagram (Life)Style inspiration I definitely recommend checking out those folks.