In Progress: Lavender James Sweater


I purchased this Rubbish (that is actually the brand name) sweater, images below, from Crossroads last month and finished the harvesting, cleaning, and drying process over the weekend. Yesterday, I wound up two fatty cakes from one of the 3 skeins the sweater produced and started the swatching process. I used to have no concept of gauge, let alone swatching. But after knitting the thickest cable beanie known to man using super bulky weight Blue Sky Alpaca yarn on size 8 dpns, well, I got it. Two broken hands later, I had a beanie that could stand up on its own. And while its robustness turned out to be great when the snow hit in Philly, my hands took a long time to recover.

After that incident, I learned about swatching. And liked it! In theory. But when actually facing the task, the process seemed so darn tedious. I started simply relying upon the yarn packaging and its suggested uses...until I began knitting sweaters and things grew dangerous. It absolutely sucks to knit up 80% of a cardigan, only to find that you can't button it. So here's what I say if you're not into swatching: just swatch for sweaters. S for S. You will not be disappointed! Especially when you're knitting with harvested yarn and the gauge is unclear.

Anyway, I started swatching the lovely lavender-colored two-tone cotton yarn from the Rubbish sweater and assessed it at somewhere between a sport and DK weight. Using size 4 needles, it should work up just fine for the simple and gorgeous James pattern by Amy Miller! I guess I caught the short-row bug after knitting Hypatia and cannot be stopped (James is full of 'em). What can I say? I just love the flair!

Stay tuned for more updates here on the blog and on Instagram. Better Sweater No. 3, here I come!

Update: Apparently I do not have enough yarn for this project! However, I am going to do it anyway. Because if there's one thing this post has highlighted so far, it's that I'm a risky knitter!

Update 2: I read my notes wrong! I have enough yarn. Hurrah!

Update 3: James is complete! See photos here!


  • Purchased from: Crossroads
  • Brand: Rubbish // made in China
  • Yarn: 60% cotton & 40% acrylic // lavender color
  • Knit gauge: 22 to 24 stitches per 4 inches // sport or dk weight, depending on needle size