In My Own Knitting Corner


My craft supplies, from my yarn and fabric stash to my knitting needles, have always dominated a good chunk of my home. In recent years that's meant the dresser top in Eric's and my bedroom. But now that we have our own place with a home office I've created a corner just for crafting. (Actually, my knitting stuff is everywhere, including the living room and our bedroom, but let's not get into that.) 

The truth is I rarely knit in this little corner as I prefer to work on projects in front of the TV or on the go. Still, I spend a good deal of time kneeling on the floor in front of my tools and notions brainstorming new and exciting projects. Having all my fabric and all my needles in one place is divine! Someday I'll hopefully pair down my stash enough to keep a basket of yarn by the chair too.

Where do you keep your craft supplies? Do you have a corner designated for tools and stashes or is everything everywhere? I'd love to hear about it!