Holiday (Life) Wish List

Tolt Sheep Mug

1. Fringe Supply Project Bagby Fringe Supply Co. // 2. Yarn Pyramid Print by Fringe Supply Co. // 3. Tolt Sheep Mug by Tolt Yarn & Wool // 4. Ultra Umbrella Swift by Schacht // 5. Temple - Fuschia by Block Shop // 6. Project Bag by Otterburn PQ

The Holiday Season is upon us and we're fast approaching Christmas Week. I've been preparing for the festivities by listening to the Nat King Cole (Holiday) station on Pandora non-stop and I'm still not tired of it! November/December/late Autumn/early Winter is by far my favorite "season" of the year. The brisk weather combined with warm cocoa and apple cider, Christmas carols, the smell of fir needles, blazing fires, all the seasonal Trader Joe's items (my favorite being the dark chocolate oranges), and telling stories (or, let's be real, watching movies) cuddled under cozy blankets produces, well, magic.

This is also the season of gift-giving and, thanks to places like Fringe Supply Co., my holiday wish list items are all knitting/fibre/textile related. Actually, this wish list is less of a holiday one and more of a general life want list. A few are big ticket items ($$$$) and to fulfill the whole list could take some time! Number 1, and the most expensive by far, is that Schacht umbrella swift with yard counter. Measuring and winding yarn would be 15x easier with that beaut in my arsenal! I'm also really into Fringe and Otterburn's project bags and both seem great for knitting on the go. I've been eyeing Fringe's yarn pyramid for a long time and now that I have an office, and a knitting corner!, it might just be time to pick it up. Tolt's sheep mug is actually the inspiration for this post and is absolutely adorable. I would love to add it to my mug collection. Lastly, I have a giant crush on all of Block Shop's textiles and can't get that Temple scarf out of my head! Also, their Instagram is the best.

On a less materialistic note: E and I have been observing Waldorf's version of Advent on Sundays this year with one of my besties and her girlfriend. What fun it's been to light the candles, share the Advent poem, and reminisce about our Waldorf School days. In retrospect, the Advent Spiral is such a fire hazard!

We've also been singing "People Look East" but only the first verse because we can't remember the rest:

1. People, look east. The time is near Of the crowning of the year. Make your house fair as you are able, Trim the hearth and set the table. People, look east and sing today: Love, the guest, is on the way.

Here's a pic of our little Advent set up. Bringing in that light!

Waldorf Advent
Waldorf Advent

Happy Holidays, friends!