BT Winter 15


Chainlink - architectural cabled tunic

It's here! It's here! Brooklyn Tweed's Winter 2015 pattern collection dropped this morning and it couldn't be more fabulous. 

From Jared Flood:

I’ve had the idea of doing a collection of designs inspired by art historical references for years. I loved the idea of bringing together my post-academia love of art history together with our work at Brooklyn Tweed in some way. In college I spent 9 months abroad in Rome studying art history and fell in love with the lighting and composition of paintings from the Baroque period, especially those of the Dutch Masters like Vermeer and Rembrandt.
I thought it would be a fun creative challenge to create imagery inspired by this genre of painting for a knitwear collection, and to use art historical references as a springboard for our designers to begin concepts for their garments. Last November, when our Design Team convened in NYC for our regular design retreat, we took a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to gather inspiration for some of our newest patterns in the Winter 15 collection.

Check out the video below for more details on the lookbook and collection.

Of the 17 new patterns, I am especially smitten with Carpeaux & Midway. The textures are so inviting and the little details--like the reversible cables along the front of Carpeaux and the chevron panels on Midway--add extra flair. It's not really cold enough in the Bay Area for giant wooly sweaters, but I'd suck it up just to wear them. 

1. Carpeaux - blanket front brioche cardigan // 2. Midway // textured a-line pullover with cowl