Yarn Bowls


Looking for a last minute gift? This yarn bowl from Twig & Horn popped up on my Pinterest feed today and would make a fabulous holiday present. From the shop:

Yarn bowls are the solution to keeping your yarn from rolling away and falling to the farthest corner behind the sofa (where it inevitably falls in with the no-good dust bunny crowd). Guide fine- or heavy-gauge yarns down the slot to the opening, where it will stay safe and secure while you knit, yet ready to release the yarn without breaking if needed. Turned by hand in Maine from American birch, and finished with natural oils for protection. Each sturdy yet light bowl is unique—no two are alike.

I am a big fan of my own yarn bowl and use it all the time. Made from reclaimed ash and finished with a natural wax, mine is from Mountain Street Arts on Etsy (who doesn't appear to be selling them currently). I've compiled a short list of other Etsy yarn bowls at the bottom of this post.

My yarn bowl: The perfect size at 6 by 2 3/4 inches.

My yarn bowl: The perfect size at 6 by 2 3/4 inches.

I Sew Want To Make These...


See what I did there? Knowing that the winter break from grad school is just around the corner has made me want to craft like nobody's business (doesn't help that there are four more papers to submit before the semester ends)! These two patterns (Lou Box Top and Annie Dress) are at the top of my sewing queue and will be the first items I make after completing Ondawa. Source details at the bottom of the post.  

And I know a sleeveless dress in winter sounds crazy, but think of how cute it would look under a turtleneck! 

1. Lou Box Top and images from SweetKM // 2. Annie Dress and images from Tessuti


Olsen Sweater by Karen Templer


Growing up, the turtleneck was my least favorite item of clothing. In an effort to prevent my brother and me from catching colds, my dear Dad pushed us to wear them whenever the temperature dropped below 65 (to this day my Dad still abides by this rule for himself). For my pre-school graduation I wore a paisley turtleneck underneath my favorite frilly dress, not because I wanted to but because the padres thought the venue was too cold to wear the fancy dress on its own. I was only 4 and I still carry that memory. I cried a lot that day! Poor baby Kylin.

It wasn't just that I found the collar-like neckline of the turtleneck restrictive, I also thought the design was generally unflattering. All the cute LL Bean kids prints in the world couldn't incite me to want to wear one. I told myself that as soon as I grew up I would never wear a turtleneck again! 

Fast forward 15 years and I'm now pretty down with turtlenecks. They're classic, protective, and only occasionally restrictive. (Younger Kylin was also anti nose-piercings, armpit hair on girls, and compost...would probably strongly dislike older Kylin.) Audrey, Jackie O, and Marilyn knew what was up:

This week I stumbled upon Karen Templer's Olsen Sweater and became instantly obsessed. A note on her Ravelry project page mentions that she's:

"Been calling this my Olsen Sweater because in addition to being a tribute to a couple of beloved sweaters from my past, it was partially inspired by recent one from the Olsen Twins’ second line, Elizabeth and James."

The pattern has yet to be released (fingers crossed it comes out soon). In preparation I'm going to begin the hunt for some bulky yarn (i.e. head on down to the Goodwill). What a perfect winter staple, especially in the Bay Area where it's cold but not that cold. 

Anyway, to bring this whole post back around, I'm thinking of investing in this LL Bean top as a sign of my own maturity and growth. And also because it's damn cute. 

Images: 1. Karen Templer's Olsen Sweater on Ravelry // 2. Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face // 3. Classic Jackie O. // 4. Marilyn looking fiiine // Karen Templer in her Olsen Sweater.


Ondawa Update


Hello! It's been awhile! Things have been a wee bit crazy over here. I started graduate school in August and since then have picked up my needles only a handful of times (...twice). This summer I had high hopes of completing Ondawa by the end of the year, but between classes and readings and papers, well, I'm just not sure if I have the time!

Still, as one who is highly optimistic, a good 80% of me thinks I can get 'er done. I am very close to finishing the front panel. Then it's just the back panel and two sleeves to go! Totally doable right (heh heh)? My current plan is to bring the project down to my parents for Turkey-Day and go hard on it then. And again during winter break. I think completing it before the new year is semi-possible if I really put my mind--and hands--to it! I'd love for this to be at least a two better sweater year (four less than 2014 but hey)! Wish me strength and focus, friends! 


Sweater Shop Snood!


Last month I was contacted by the Sweater Shop, a family-run knitwear business in Ireland, who had seen my post about Aran sweaters and wanted to know if I would like one of their 100% merino Aran snoods. Of course, I said yes!

The package arrived while I was in New Mexico and was the first thing I went to when I got home. What a wonderfully soft yet solid piece of knitwear! So much cable inspiration...I want to try my hand at that double snakey cable stitch

Since our weather in the Bay Area is all over the place I look forward to wearing my snood all year long. Thank you so much, Sweater Shop!


New Mexico Travels


I'm home again and excited to finally get back to knitting! I spent the last two weeks in beautiful New Mexico, visiting family in Santa Fe the first week and attending a retreat at Ghost Ranch the second. It was an amazing trip and I'm so excited to go back, next time with Eric in tow. Here are a few photos from my phone (descriptions below). Wishing I'd brought my "real" camera right now! 

1 & 2. The Valles Caldera Preserve near Los Alamos. No elks were spotted in the caldera but we did see a coyote! // 3. Kelly looking pretty in front of the church at the Taos Pueblo // 4. The beautiful red canyons of Ghost Ranch // 5. A morada in Abiquiu // 5. The super classy Modern General store in Santa Fe.