• Purchased from: Goodwill
  • Brand: unknown
  • Yarn: unknown - wool blend? // two strands (one light purple and one dark)
  • Knit gauge: 12 stitches per 4 inches // two strands worsted weight combined for super bulky weight


January 21, 2014

Yarn ain’t cheap. Especially the quality stuff. And while I love my stash of Madelinetosh merino wool and Malabrigo baby alpaca as much as the next knitter, I can’t afford to buy quality yarn for every project I attempt. Enter yarn harvesting!

Yarn harvesting is a great way to recycle fiber garments and turn them into new projects! Simply find a quality knitted or crocheted item at your local thrift store, dismantle it, and turn the yarn you harvest into something you like even better! Though the process of unraveling the original item takes some time, I find the pursuit relaxing. Three episodes of Dexter later and you’ve got the makings for a new kick-ass project! A great way to unwind, folks!

Pictured above is my first Better Sweater project. Unfortunately, I was so excited to start harvesting the yarn I didn’t give myself a chance to take pictures of the original sweater. Trust me when I say that what you see here is indeed the Better Sweater!

For more details on this sweater, see my Ravelry project page. For information on how to harvest yarn, visit my resources page.