Welcome to The Better Sweater Project!

When my passion for knitting sweaters surpassed my budget for quality fiber, I began harvesting yarn from second-hand items. The Better Sweater Project (TBSP) soon followed as a means of documenting this upcycling adventure.

2014 saw the knitting of 5 Better Sweaters and 2 Better Shawls. I learned a great deal about yarn harvesting, yarn weights, correct gauge, and selecting patterns. More importantly, I had a blast (and my wallet heaved a sigh of relief)!  

The concept for TBSP is simple enough: find a quality knitted or crocheted item at your local thrift store (or in your closet!), frog it (the "technical" knitters term for ripping or dismantling), and turn the yarn you harvest into something you like even better!



Though the process of unraveling the original item can take some time, it can be a relaxing pursuit. A couple episodes of Broad City later and you’ve got the makings for a new kick-ass project! It's a great way to unwind, folks! Will you join me?


Got an upcycled project of your own to share? Submit it here and I'll post it on the TBSP blog! Contact The Better Sweater Project here.

About Me

Hello, I'm Kylin! I use she/her pronouns. I live on unceded Muwekma Ohlone Land (San Francisco Bay Area) with my husband Eric, our cat Stella, and a giant stash of frogged sweaters.

I learned to knit over 20 years ago through Waldorf and haven't put my needles down since. Simple scarves and potholders progressed to cabled hats and lace shawls. After graduating from college and moving to the Berkeley, I tackled my first sweater project and quickly came down with jumper fever. A couple years later I knit my first Better Sweater (that one there on the left) with harvested yarn and became hooked on upcycled knitting!

Visit my Ravelry profile for more on my personal knitting projects.